Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dog On It - Review by Melissa Palmer

Welcome, Melissa Palmer, CMM's very first guest reviewer! Melissa says, about herself: "I am a high school English Teacher in upstate NY. My husband and I have a Jack Russell named Emma, 2 Maine Coon cats named Lucy and Kiki, 3 Ragdoll cats named Max, Gizmo and BooBerry Radley and a Savannah cat named Maggie."

(BTW - I love 'BooBerry Radley' for a name... a literary and pop reference all in one! And what is it about mystery lovers/writer/readers and cats? BTW, as well, Chet the dog has a blog... a dogblog? Here is the link: Chet's Blog - Donna)

Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery
By Spencer Quinn
ISBN 1-4165-8583-4

Dog on It tells the tale of The Little Detective Agency, which is made up of Bernie and his dog, Chet. Chet is the narrator in this book and that adds to the humor of it. Bernie and Chet take on the case of a missing teenage girl. Bernie gets the feeling that it is more than a simple runaway issue. He begins to dig deeper, even though the girl’s father insists that there is no need to. Both Bernie and Chet get into some tough spots but both are resourceful. This is the first in the series; the second book comes out in January 2010.

This book was a good read. I rated it a 5/5. I enjoyed the author’s way of using Chet’s voice to narrate the story. It was funny to be able to hear the thought processes of the dog. He was a true character in this book; he had as important a role as Bernie did. Bernie is a good unlikely hero; he is a little rough around the edges but he has a good heart inside. Readers will care about this pair. This book had mystery, action and humor. I will continue to read this series.

Reviewed by Melissa Palmer
Melissaenglish72 at yahoo dot com

Editor's note: I was interested to see that Publishers Weekly and Booklist both gave Dog On It starred reviews. That's very good!

Five out of Five Cozy Armchairs for this book!


  1. I've never heard of this series but the animal lover in me finds it fascinating that the dog is the narrator!

    Donna, I love your Cozy Armchair rating system!

  2. Well, there is nothing like a cozy armchair for curling up in with a good - or great - book and a steaming cup of tea. It fit!

    As an animal lover myself, I love the idea of the dog narrator! I'll be checking these books out for sure.

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