Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coming Soon...

Just a quick note... I love reading and writing about murder mystery authors, both about their books and the craft of writing them. I have approached several prominent cozy murder mystery authors, and to a woman they have graciously agreed to do Q&A interviews for CMM.

Yesterday I had the brilliant (she says modestly) thought to post on the Murder Must Advertise group list an open call for cozy murder mystery authors to write a blog entry for me, and I have been flooded with wonderful responses.

So, in the coming weeks I will be featuring:

Q&A with the marvelous Cleo Coyle of the Coffeehouse mysteries and as Alice Kimberly of the Haunted Bookstore mysteries.

Q&A with Sue Ann Jaffarian
, author of the Odelia Gray (a plus-size heroine!) mystries as well as the Ghost of Granny Apples mysteries.

As well as featuring:

A. R. Grobbo, author of the Gloria Trevisi mysteries.
Stacy Juba, author of Twenty-Five Years Ago Today
Marion Moore Hill, author of the Scrappy Librarian series and the Deadly Past mysteries.

...and many many more!!!

I welcome all cozy murder mystery writers, prominent and just starting out, and soon I will be instituting a one day a week 'independent' writer day, devoted to self-published, small press and print on demand novelists!

See you soon!

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