Monday, January 3, 2011

Changes Keep Coming

I know, I know, I keep changing the look of the blog. To be honest, I have no idea what I am doing. I have never worked on a blog before and have been doing a lot of research on how to make an impact with my blog and get more followers. I want it to be gender neutral, but I have to admit . . . . purple is my favorite color. I'm sure I will change the look the more I poke around Blogger. I have found that it is part of my DNA to be a researcher. I look up EVERYTHING! The blog will stay purple until I change my mind again-probably tomorrow. For now, I am a bit frustrated with Blogger and its limited options and my limited knowledge. I am going to call it a night and hope for more patience tomorrow.

Until then . . . .Meg


  1. Meg: I know what you mean about Blogger. I suggest you check out WordPress. It has more flexibility and you can do more things with it. That's what I did and then I directed my old Blogger site to my WordPress site. I think they are connected somehow anyway! I think you'll be encouraged at what you see. Good luck!