Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's That Time of Year

If you actually sang the title of this entry, then you are in full-blown holiday mode, and so am I! Oh, I still have work to do... lots and lots of work. But I'm in the spirit.

And whatever you celebrate, whether it be:

Hanukkah - Begins sundown, Friday, December 11th thru the next 8 days.

Islamic New Year - December 18th

First Day of Winter - December 21st.

Christmas - December 25th

Kwanzaa - December 26th, thru January 1st

New Year's Eve - December 31st

I hope you enjoy the season, whatever it means to you.

And in that spirit, tomorrow I have a review of a Christmas-themed mystery - Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown, and Friday, a special treat, an article on writing the holiday-themed mystery by Maggie Sefton, author of the New York times bestselling Knitting Mysteries!

Enjoy all, and don't drink too much eggnog!


  1. Oooh, I look forward to these upcoming posts!

    Love the pic, Donna - - beautiful color.

  2. Thanks, Lori... I've been watching holiday decor shows on HGTV and it seems that for Christmas 2009 purple is the new red!

  3. I am an atheist, but still celebrate the Santa Claus-Christmas traditions I was raised with. My kids would always get bummed that Christmas Day came and went so fast, so now we celebrate Christmastime, which begins the day after Thanksgiving and ends on New Years' Day! Full on fun for over a month, with friends and family, food, tv specials, movies, books and gifts. All a wonderful way to end the year!

    So Happy Whatever to you all, too! :)

  4. Lovely to see a list of those dates. Thanks. My Mum has arrived from England now, so I'm definitely getting into the Christmas mood.