Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poll Dance Wednesday and Cryptograms!!

Wednesday... hump day, dreary, middle of the week yuck day.

Or fun day!

As well as a new poll, I also have a cryptogram puzzle for you to work out. The dates are the clues.

Wednesday, November 4th: JEVMIAS PFMWI XS UVRE UESVR


Tuesday, November 17th: A UABR EG MWGALKALMEW XS D. B. PAPRF

Anyone know the answers? No prize, but a big 'boy, are you smart!' to the first correct answer!

Hint... the key is the same for each of the three puzzles.

Okay, now here are the poll results for last week's poll... don't forget to vote in the new poll!

Poll results: Romance in cozy murder mysteries.

No way, none of that mushy stuff for me! Stick to the death and mayhem.
1 (6%)
Yeah, baby, bring on the kissin' and huggin' and cuddlin'!
4 (26%)
I'm on the fence... and it hurts! Dang barbed wire.
1 (6%)
Only if it's done well and doesn't overwhelm the murder part!
9 (60%)

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